Public appearance trainings

We prepare our Clients for public appearances, we help them enunciate communication objectives and key messages. We organise crisis management simulations, teach how to write to be read – all using modern techniques and tools. We offer:

  • basic media training with a set of camera experience
  • 2-3-hour – crash test training
  • public appearance training with elements of body language
  • public appearance training featuring a stylist and a speech therapist
  • crisis management training
  • effective writing of press releases, internet and social media content
  • messaging workshop for management teams – identifying communication objectives, key messages and the big idea


Team building workshops

We offer 4-hour workshops in reportage, photography and film basics – all with the use of tools available to everyone, i.e. smartphones. During the workshop groups divided into small teams (up to 15-20 people each) learn how to:

  • look for interesting topics, notice and describe them in accordance with the information pyramid
  • use smartphones to take pictures, crop them, make collages, save overexposed holiday pictures and enjoy the possibilities given by black and white photography
  • make films with smartphones according to professional film making rules and then edit them using simple telephone applications.

The workshops are run by reporters, photography artists and filmmakers with many years’ experience. After a theoretical part, teams of 5 prepare films, reportages or photoreportages using hints given by trainers who are available throughout the whole experience.