AAA AUTO has been on the market for 32 years. It is a part of the AURES Holdings Group which is associated with British Polish investment fund Abris Capital Partners. The AURES Holdings Group is the largest used cars dealer in the Central Eastern Europe with more than 90.000 cars sold annually. Since the beginning of its business activity, AAA AUTO has served more than 2.8 million clients. Right now the company owns several dozen units, also in Poland. Our task was to build perception of AAA AUTO as the leader on the challenging used cars market.

What did we do? Since AAA AUTO entered the Polish market in 2015, we have consequently implement the developed communication strategy, which assumes activities in several areas. We mainly focused on strong relations with the media. We established and are intensively operating the Press Office that prepares several press materials each month creating topics based on statistical data and current events in the automotive industry. We successfully introduced the brand to social media. We are also involved in organizing events aimed at organizing the trade of used cars and introducing the new quality to the Polish market. An example is a sector conference in the European Parliament on the issue of rolling back car odometers, which contributed to changing the law in this respect.

Every year we see an increase in the number of publications resulting from our work. We are constantly present in national and regional media. In the period of our work for the company its sales increased several times.