National Aids Centre
#mamczasrozmawiac (#Ihavetimetotalk) campaign

We conducted the “Mam czas rozmawiać” (I have time to talk) educational campaign (#mamczasrozmawiac) for the National Aids Centre Agenda of the Ministry of Health, from November 17 to December 1, 2017. The agency’s challenge was to effectively promote intergenerational dialogue about health, in particular difficult topics such as sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

We focused on online activities, primarily influencer marketing. Thanks to our collaboration with influencers and their families, including the ambassador Rafał Maślak, bloggers (including Wyrwane z kontekstu, StayFly, Socjopatka) and vloggers (including O! Matko i Córko), we managed to create a network of engaging and original content that met with a lot of interest from recipients. The connecting factor identifying all messages that appeared on IG, FB, YT and in the blogosphere was #mamczasrozmawiac hashtag. The campaign was supported by spots that were broadcast on television, public transport, in medical facilities, universities and on news portals, as well as the campaign’s website.

#mamczasrozmawiac dominated the communication around the European HIV Testing Week and World AIDS Day. The overall TV, radio and newspaper reach was 1.9 million. Activities carried out on the Internet, including the activities of influencers and the broadcast of the campaign spot on World AIDS Day, generated over 13 million page views from nearly 3 million individual users.